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The Max2 is incredibly strong. Made from glass filled polypropylene and by using modern manufacturing methods the chair is built to last.

10 Year Guarantee

10 Year Guarantee

The Max2 comes with a 10 Year guarantee. This gives you the confidence that the chair is fit-for-purpose and able to withstand the toughest environments.



The Max2 is a premium product, however, we understand budget constraints and have priced the Max2 so that every School, College, Academy and University can afford them.

Anti Tilt


dlb…Stands for Don’t Lean Back! The Max2 uses the classic frame dimensions of its predecessor to support learning and the wellbeing of students.

100% Sustainable

100% Sustainable

The Max2 chair is completely recyclable. dlb… is committed to responsible sourcing and delivering on our promise of sustainable products.

Max2 Chair Colour Options

Colour Options

The Max2 has six standard colour choices with charcoal legs as a further standard option. Bespoke colours are available for both the shell and legs on application.

Delivery within 7 to 10 days…

Standard Colours

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UK Designed

UK Manufactured

uk manufactured Max2 Chair


 Max2 Chair Dimensions
5 430mm 810mm 380mm 480mm 510mm 3.5kg
6 460mm 840mm 380mm 480mm 510mm 3.6kg


Warranty: 10 Years
Colours: 6 Standard, Charcoal Leg Option
Bespoke Colours: Unlimited
Environmental: 100% Recyclable
Standards: EN1729 – Parts 1 &2
Stackable: 8 Chairs
Material: Glass Filled Polypropylene
Weight: 3.5kg – 3.6kg
Size Mark: Size 5 (430mm), Size 6 (460mm)
Safety: Anti-tilt Frame
Manufacturing: UK
Designed: UK


Don’t Lean Back (dlb) is a company that was started by a teacher to design and supply school chairs to stop children rocking back in their lessons. Whilst combating this issue dlb.. has also made sure that the chair is incredibly tough and has been designed to inspire a contemporary and forward thinking learning environment.

The Max2 is a chair that encompasses everything you could ever want in a school chair. The experience and knowledge to achieve this has come from many years as a teacher to realise what is needed and almost ten years designing and supplying school chairs throughout the UK and overseas to hone our expertise. The Max2 is not an overnight success, but with many years of research and development and by using experts in their field at every stage we aim to achieve the highest standards.

The Max2 needed to be far superior in every aspect to its predecessor and its competition, for dlb to be confident that this is the ultimate school chair. Our remit was to design a chair that was stronger, more affordable and better looking. A key factor in The Max2 was also to design a chair that could be manufactured quickly to meet a 7-10 day delivery lead time. Lastly, we know that everyone likes a choice and although we have 6 standard colours, The Max2 can be manufactured in any colour. We feel we have surpassed our own expectations in all areas with The Max2.

The Techi bit…

New technology has allowed The Max2 to be the lightest chair on the market at 3.5kgs. Using glass-filled polypropylene has made the chair incredibly strong and combining gas injection within the manufacturing process not only adds further strength, but also removes a considerable amount of materials that can then be recycled. We understand that most people find the engineering aspect of a chair less interesting than the colour options, however, we thought it was important to explain how we achieved these advances. Suffice to say, the chair is fit for purpose and for added security The Max2 passed both parts 1 and 2 of the EN1729 standards with flying colours.

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